Business Development is a strategic approach to generating business. The Business Development “approach” is more relevant to companies interested in penetrating new markets and/or attracting new customers while traditional Sales & Marketing activities are more apparent in mature markets that are relatively known to companies.

In today’s global business world, a Business Development approach is more appropriate for companies interested in taking their business beyond their home country or current markets. While business development shares many of the sales & marketing activities, it is the starting point before a sales & marketing plan is generated or a sales & marketing team is recruited.

At The BD Company, we understand the challenges and costs associated with taking your business internationally or to new markets. It becomes more challenging when the product or service offered is a “technical product or service” rather than a “consumer product or service”.

Why The BD Company?
Combining our Engineering and Business knowledge and experience in multiple markets such as the HVAC & R, Turbine Inlet Air Cooling, District Energy, Critical Facilities and Real Estate Development sectors allows us to understand and appreciate the different challenges and opportunities that companies have thus allowing us to better serve our clients’ interests to achieve their goals and deliver to their expectations. Our slogan “Realize your Business Potential” is what we are all about.